Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Items

We each get 10 items in our backpack, plus the clothes we're wearing, and our lunches for the first day. We rolled a die to see who got to keep their bags, and who lost them. I got to keep mine. 13 people from my class lost their bags. Talk about unlucky 13!
I was wearing the following:
1 baseball cap
1 polo
1 Timex watch
1 pair of shorts
1 pair of socks
1 pair comfy shoes
[ no photo ] 1 pair underpants
In my bag I had the following ten items:
  1. SwissChamp s.o.s. set
  2. 2.5 litre CamelBack (full)
  3. Full change of clothes (see above)
  4. Army issue weather poncho
  5. Thick sleeping bag
  6. Extreme weather 2-man tent
  7. 21 One Square Meals (one week worth of food)
  8. 1 Army folding shovel
  9. 1 shake-to-recharge L.E.D. torch
  10. 1 roll of 25 rubbish bags
That's a lot of images!


  1. Those SwissChamp SOS things look so cool. Nice work!

  2. Yes it is alot of images!
    That is good, I havn't listed what I'm taking yet thats what I'll do tonight.
    Bye :)

  3. Great work. Looks like you put alot of effort in.