Saturday, November 28, 2009

Diary Day 4 [Draft]

A throbbing ache in my head woke me up.
What had happened?
The memories came back as a fresh wave of pain hit me from the side and knocked me off my elbows and onto my back again. I put my hand behind my head for support and to check out the lump that was forming. I was rather surprised when I felt hair, not hard metal. I must have hit the watch and caused it to turn me human on the way down, because the bruise on my side from hitting a chunk of stone on the way down was definitely flesh, not metal. I push the button on my watch to turn invincible again, and jump up. The other boys are lying around me, but the girls are nowhere to be seen. If they had already got up and not woken us, it would’ve been most rude!
From the look of the daylight filtering through from above, it is mid-morning.
Josiah woke to me shaking him, and (yet again) swung his hammer at me. This time I was prepared though, so I grabbed it, and ducked. He still managed to jar my arm though, and the metal made a soft plinking noise as he hit it.
Together we woke everyone else, and went looking for the girls. They were lying in an adjacent building, under some ferns when we found them. Well, we didn’t exactly find them. Under the ferns were two goddess-like people, with wings, and a white Pegasus. They stirred and woke. The all jumped at the sight of each other and themselves, but then they realised that they had been turned into magnificent beings, and left the weird building with us. We saw a huge swamp monster climbing over the crater, carrying something, and one of the goddesses behind us screamed.
A voice came floating over to us from the other side of the crater.
“Don’t worry, it’s just me,” said the creature in a rather familiar British accent.
“James!” we all exclaimed, and ran over to meet him.
He was carrying Emma, who was badly hurt. We used the combined powers of Sam’s skull and Mac’s one (which he found on the spaceship) to heal her. She was still a little hurt and sleepy, so we muscle men took turns carrying her as we went down the mountain.
But before we descended, we climbed up to the top of one of the temples, the biggest one, and we could see the whole island. We could see the whole island! It was incredible. We could see caves, valleys, hills, rocks, forests, trees. The whole island was spread out before us.
We could see a water fall down below, crashing into the pool with a thunderous roar. That was where we were headed.
We finally got to the bottom and found the waterfall. We drank from it, and we instantly felt refreshed and better. We gave some to Emma, and she fully recovered in a matter of seconds.
Even though it was only mid-afternoon, we all agreed to set up camp and take the day off. Some of us went off hunting, and others went out foraging. But I was tired, so I set up my tent, crawled inside, and went to sleep.
* * *
It was dark when I woke up. I crawled back out of my tent, and slowly walked towards the mesmerizing light and heat of a fire that someone had set up. Most of the others were around, but some, I presumed, were still sleeping or had gone into their tents. I noticed that Morgan, Leah, and Maddi were human again. What a relief!
Mac and Malik had done a great job of hunting, so we all had a bit of roasted meat that they had caught before we retired for the night.

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