Monday, November 30, 2009

Diary Day 6 [Draft]

We awoke to the dawn chorus yet again.
After a small breakfast and some relaxing in the sand with the sound of the waves soothing our minds, we set off on the long flight back to the other side of the island.
We knew we were on the other side of the island, because we had all flown up till we could see where we were this morning, though we didn’t know how the portal had zapped us here.
So we flew into the sky, having no idea what awaited us.
* * *
There actually wasn’t much awaiting us, just an intriguing story about a mutated talking monkey that used to be a human in the cave that the other guys found while we were away.
They told us the story of the monkey who lived in the cave. He had a time machine, and the other guys had gone into it and seen themselves going backwards for the last five days.
Then they had got really freaked out because they had kept going back, and they had ended up breaking their way out of it. Whatever happened, they didn’t want to know what they had done their life and see it backwards.
All the people who had been in the cave were cracking jokes and laughing about the monkey, but Maddy seemed upset about him, as if the idea of a human evolving backwards into a monkey and being doomed to walk this earth in the mutated derogatory body of a simian.
We went back to the waterfall for the night, as everybody liked it there, and it wasn’t haunted with bad memories like the cave and the valley.
We all slept peacefully that night, dreaming of our adventures on Matainui that were to come.

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