Sunday, November 29, 2009

Diary Day 5 [Draft]

Today I woke a lot more peacefully.
If you can call waking to the dawn chorus of a million birds peaceful.
It seems we were all woken up by this, because when I crawled out of the tent I could see everyone else doing the same.
We had a nice breakfast consisting of leftover meat and muesli bars, and then we set off, following one of the large streams that branched off from the bottom of the waterfall. It went in the direction of the two mountains, going through a valley and veering towards the middle of the left of the two large formations.
* * *
We had been walking for almost an hour through the rough terrain when we noticed it.
The water was rising.
It had been steadily rising, and was now only a metre away, rather than the previous 5 metres. How we didn’t notice it until now, I do not know. We were now marching single file through a deep and steep ravine, with the ever-rising water growing closer. Due to the steepness of the sides, we couldn’t walk away.
In the end, me, Grayson and Leon flew everyone else up the rocky sides and set them on another path far up above. We didn’t join them. We had noticed a glowing light out in the middle of the ravine, which was now full of water, like a small lake.
The light was growing. It had started off as what had looked like a small rock, but now was a large column rising to the darkening sky up above. It was spinning slowly, and green foamy scum was forming around the bottom. It looked like it was made of shining golden particles floating around, like when dust is stirred up underneath large window or skylight, and they just swirl around in random patterns in the golden rays of sunlight.
We went up to it, and just floated around it for a bit. It was so beautiful. I could’ve stayed there and watched it forever, but I didn’t because I noticed Grayson moving out of the corner of my eye. He was approaching it, and touched it.
It was like he had been zapped with a bolt of lightning. The metal of his suit turned gold and shiny. He started shaking uncontrollably, and then he disappeared. It was like the flying pyramid all over again.
Me and Leon did the same, and I felt like I was on fire and had no control over my thrashing limbs, but of course, it was all in my head and my body remained perfectly still except for the sparks flying over and under my skin. The next second, the biggest jolt yet hit me and the air around me went black as I was flung into another dimension by the portal of light.
* * *
A sharp pain in my side woke me. I was laying awkwardly on a piece of driftwood, sand around my legs and in my hair. The feeling of the jolt was fresh in my mind and the feeling of the blackness around me engulfed my senses until I felt trapped, unable to escape from the falling, falling...
I sat upright quickly, too quickly, and got head-rush from the sudden trip back to reality.
I was sitting on a beach, with Grayson and Leon scattered around nearby in similar uncomfortable positions.
They woke not long after, and we set up our tents for a long, sleepless night.

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